BBC broadcsts “Any Questions” at Worcester university on April fools day.

I hope we are not being mistaken for fools.

The media does like to stack it’s own cards ?

BBCaQtitleHear the full BBC broadcast here:

Even if the timing was an accident of scheduling. Apparently originally  scheduled for Derbyshire.   ViewofStageWorcesters deserted campus at Easter recess amidst industrial actions and crisies in the NHS and the TATA steel works, not unlike the the miners strike, was probably fortuitous for the Tories.


Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns had an impossible job defending the governments record over steel industry and living wage as both issues hit the headlines this week.aJenkyns-stage
Labour MP Jess phillips declared her womb was more productive than the cabinet. As jenkyns tried to push the failing NHS into the EU debate Phillips was having none of it. She led an onslaught of corrections at her beleaguered panelist, whose  whispered protestations of popularism seemed somewhat lacking in conviction.

Jess Phillips pushed home the origiJesStageCurdlen of the minimum wage as Andrea Jenkyns disclosed how it was perfectly feasible to live on Netto tinned beans as she had.
Tim Farron tFarron-cudelivered a much more considered opinion, making some very good points, particularly about the duplicitous attitude of the Tories to the steel industries plight.


John Timpson the head of the cobblers chain certainly played the elder statesman calling for a period of reflection. Sadly his concerns about the imposition of the full “Living wage” upon inflation failed to take into account the huge drops in corporation tax that industry was getting. This as I recall was meant to shift the social responsibility off government and onto business. Or have I misunderstood Osborne as well as Timpsons wife. Who apparently understands him all too well we learned in answer to the final question.
The whole performance was Dimmbleby-CUpolished off with an off air Shakespearian post script by Dimbleby. Who openly criticised the governments restructuring and potential privatisation of the BBC, Urging the public to petition their MP’s.

Hear the full BBC broadcast here:

Hear Jonathan Dimbleby’s Questioning of the governments approach to the BBC: