About Effemural

EFFEMURAL= Ephemeral,   A TRANSIENT IMAGE.  That which is gone by the following morning.  A temporary and wistful vision. That which is hard to hold and slips through the grasp.


It is an attempt to portray the burred reality & beauty of our worlds predicament within an analogy of three simple ideas. A visual philosophy for our reflection where we’ve heard all the words before.  A Photo montage for reflexion, and a video narrative that tells a truth.

A time, a place and an event that will never occur exactly the same again.   A chance for change that will reverberate down the future decades.


All Images & Video © Wyrdsaester Imagina.  Contact email :   wyrdsaester@effemural.org.uk

Producing visual analogies & metaphor for our world :

EFFE for Effete. from Ex Fetus. Beyond reproduction or tired and worn, fruitless and barren. Expended. Over-refined or self indulgent.

FEMUR, the strongest bone in humanity on which we stand the weight of our own mass.  Also a bone often  used as a club with which to kill enemies and prey in our barbaric past.

MURAL, A composite design of many smaller pictures that is clearly displayed on a wall for those who wish to look up.


The seeds of Disconnect

A 4000 year old oak root stump reflecting its modern reconstruction and mural upon the glass case of its encapsulation. K Lynn museum, Norfolk.